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Overlay Plot


Overlay Plot allows one or more new plot curve(s) to be drawn over existing plots using data from a Parametric, Lookup, Arrays, or Integral table.  The use of this command is identical to that for the New Plot Window command except that the plot is drawn in an existing rather than a new plot window.  Overlaid plots for an X-Y plot offer the option of a second X scale (X2), which is initially displayed at the top of the plot and a second Y-scale (Y2), which is initially displayed  on the right side of the plot.  The position of the second scales can be changed by holding the Ctrl key down while pressing the up/down arrow keys (to move the X2 scale) or the left/right arrow keys (to move the Y2 scale).  The drop-down control below each list of variable names allows the first or second scale to be selected for any each overlaid plot.  The scale selections can later be changed with the Modify Plot command.


In the Professional version, the Overlay Plot can draw contour lines on an existing banded or contour plot.  Selecting the Overlay plot command will show a fly out menu providing the choice of Overlay plot or Overlay contour.  Also, 3-D Points plots can be overlayed on a 3-D surface plot.