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InsertParametricRuns (Macro Command)


InsertParametricRuns 'TableName'   After  NRuns

Inserts NRuns into the existing Parametric table that has name (showing on the tab in the window) TableName.  TableName may be a string variable containing the name of the table.  If NRuns is not provided, it is assumed to be 1.  The runs(s) are inserted after run number After, where After is an integer.  If After is 0, the run will be inserted as the first run in the table.  If After is greater than the number of runs in the table, the run will be inserted as the last run in the table. After and NRuns may be variables defined in the macro or in the EES program. If NRuns<0 this command will delete rather than insert the runs.


See also:  DeleteParametricRuns