Returns the pressure drop in a rectangular duct bend with splitter vanes given the fluid, its flow rate and state, the width and height of the duct, the bend radius, and the turning angle. Note that where two possibilities are possible for the number of splitter vanes the lower number is used.


DELTAP = DuctBend_Rect_Splitter_CL(F$, m_dot, T, P, b, W, r, alpha)




F$:  fluid string identifier

m_dot:  mass flow rate (kg/s, lbm/hr)

T:  inlet temperature (K, C, F, or R)

P:  inlet pressure (bar, atm, Pa, kPa, or MPa)

b:  duct width (m or ft)

W:  duct height (m or ft)

r: turning radius (m or ft)

alpha:  turning angle (radian or degree)



DELTAP:  pressure drop (bar, atm, Pa kPa, or MPa)



$UnitSystem SI Mass J K Pa Degree

$Load Component Library

$VarInfo DP_Duct units=Pa


m_dot = 0.5 [kg/s]

T = 300 [K]

P = 100e3 [Pa]

b = 0.2 [m]

W = 0.4 [m]

r = 0.15 [m]

alpha=90 [degree]

F$ = 'Air'

DP_Duct = ductbend_rect_splitter_cl(F$, m_dot, T, P, b, W, r, alpha)



DP_Duct = 2.714 [Pa]}