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NewPlot (Macro Command)


NewPlot  Name='My Plot'  Table='myTable'  X=P2  Y=T2  Rows=1..10  Line=1  Symbol=1  SymbolSize=6  Color=Red  Legend  ErrorBars PointLabels


Create a new plot window.  Set the name of the tab for this plot window to 'My Plot'.  Note the plot tab name may be either a string constant within single quotes or a predefined EES string variable.  


Plot variables T2 vs P2 using the first 10 rows of data from the Parametric table, Lookup table  or Arrays Table that has the name 'myTable'.  Note that the table name can be provided as a string variable, e.g., TN$.  (If  'myTable' is the name of both a Parametric table and a Lookup table, the data will be plotted from the Parametric table.  The search order is Parametric table, Lookup table and then Arrays table)   Note that the table could also have been identified by entering PARN, LOOKN, or ARRN where N is the tab number of the Parametric, Lookup or Arrays table.  You can also use ARR for the first arrays Arrays table or INT for the Integral table.  When plotting variables from the Arrays table (ARR or ARRN) specify the array name as XXX[i], where XXX is the parent name of the array variable.  


Use plot symbol 1 with a size of 6 pixels.  Allowable sizes range from 2 (small) to 18 (large).  Note that the LineStyle, Symbol, SymbolSize and Color can be specified using integers or variables.  The coding for these parameters is as follows:


LineStyle=0  No line Symbol=1  Open circle Color=0  Black

LineStyle=1  Solid line                  Symbol=2  Open rectangle Color=1  Blue

LineStyle=2  Dotted line            Symbol=3  Open triangle (up) Color=2  Red

LineStyle=3  Thick line             Symbol=4  Open butterfly (horiz) Color=3  Green

LineStyle=4  Dashed line         Symbol=5  Open triangle (down) Color=4  Purple

LineStyle=5 Thick dotted Line Symbol=6  Open butterfly (vert) Color=5  Maroon

LineStyle=6  Thick dashed line   Symbol=7  Open diamond Color=6  Yellow

LineStyle=7  Dash-dot line         Symbol=8  Closed circle  Color=7  Lime

LineStyle=8  Thick dash-dot line  Symbol=9  Closed rectangle  Color=8  Aqua

LineStyle=9  Triple-thick line         Symbol=10 Closed triangle (up)  Color=9  Gray

                      Symbol=11 Closed butterfly (horiz)  Color=10 Fuchsia

Symbol=12 Closed triangle (down)  Color=11 Navy

Symbol=13 Closed butterly (vert)   Color=12 Teal

Symbol=14 Closed diamond    Color=13 Silver

Symbol=15 Cross                   Color=14 Orange

  Color=15 White

                                       Color>15 RGB Color number  (Use the RGB function to create the color number)


The Legend keyword causes a legend item to be created.  


The ErrorBars keyword will cause error bars to be drawn if the data that are plotted contain uncertainty information. A default value will be used if a parameter is not specified. The PointLabels keyword places a numerical value corresponding to the array position (when plotting from the Arrays window) or row (when plotting from the Parametric or Lookup tables) next to each plotted point.   All parameters except Table, X, and Y are optional.  Keyword LineStyle may also be provided as Line.  



See also:  ModifyPlot