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Delete Lookup Tables



The Delete Lookup Tables command will present a dialog that shows a check box list containing all Lookup Tables in the Lookup Table Window.  Select the Lookup Table(s) that you wish to delete by checking the box to the left of the table name.  Click the All button to check all tables.  Click the None button to uncheck all tables. The height of the list of tables can be increased or decreased by resizing the dialog.  Checked files will be deleted when the Delete button is clicked. Note that deleted means that  the specified Lookup table(s) will be removed from the EES file, i.e., the Lookup table will not be saved with other EES data when the EES file is saved.  Tables that are deleted with this command cannot be restored with an Undo command.  However, this command does not delete also delete a Lookup table file that has been saved using the Save Table command separated from the EES file. 


Note that you can also delete a single plot window by right-clicking on the tab at the top of the window.