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H2O provides ideal gas thermodynamic properties for gaseous water valid over the temperature range from 200 K to 6000 K based on the property information provided by McBride et al. (2002).  The reference state for specific enthalpy is based on the enthalpy of formation relative to the elements at 25 C.  The reference state for specific entropy is based on the Third Law of Thermodynamics.  The reference values are from:


Bonnie J. McBride, Michael J. Zehe, and Sanford Gordon

"NASA Glenn Coefficients for Calculating Thermodynamic Properties of Individual Species"

NASA/TP-2002-211556, Sept. 2002



Transport property correlations are implemented for temperatures between 245 K and 3500 K.  


Note that H2O provides thermodynamic properties assuming ideal gas behavior.  Use STEAM or WATER to provide real fluid properties in the subcooled, saturated mixture, and superheated regimes.  High accuracy steam properties are available with substance STEAM_IAPWS.



Fluid Property Information