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Input (Macro Command)


The Input Macro command will display a dialog prompting the user to enter the values of up to 5 macro variables.  There variables can then be used in subsequent calculations.  The format of the Input macro is


Input /U  /D  X, Y, R$  


where X, Y, and R$ are variables that will appear in the prompting dialog.  A maximum of 5 variables can appear in this list.


/U is optional.  If present, the units of the variable(s) will be displayed


/D is optional.  If present, the previous value of the variable(s) will appear in the dialog.



The following macro will display the Input dialog prompting for values of T, P and R$ with the default values and units set in the macro.


P=100 [kPa] //default value

T=15 [C]  //default value

R$='R515A'  //default value

INPUT /U  /D T, P, R$ 






See also: $Input directive