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R1234ze(Z) provides thermodynamic property data for HFO-1234ze(Z) (cis 1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene, CAS# 29118-25-0, MW 114.04 g/gmole).  The thermodynamic property data are obtained from the equation of state published in:


"Fundamental Equations of State for cis-1,3,3,3-Tetrafluoropropene [R-1234ze(Z)] and 3,3,3-Trifluoropropene (R-1243zf))"

Ryo Akasaka  and E. Lemmon

J. Chem. Eng. Data, April 18, 2019


Versions previous to 10.694 used the equation of state reported in:


"A Fundamental Equation of State for cis-1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene(R-1234ze(Z))"

Ryo Akasaka, Yukihro Higashi, Akio Miyara, and Shigeru Koyama

Int. J. of Refrigeration, Vol 44, (2014) pp. 168-176


The reference state h=200 kJ/kg and s=1.0 kJ/kg-K at 273.15 K for saturated liquid.


The properties are valid for temperatures between 238 K and 440 K for pressures up to 34 MPa.


Viscosity and thermal conductivity have been estimated using a corresponding states approach as suggested in:


Klein, S.A., McLinden, M.O., and Laesecke , A., "An improved extended corresponding states method for estimation of viscosity of pure refrigerants and mixtures",  Int. J. of Refrigeration, 20, pp. 208-217, 1997


McLinden et al., "An extended corresponding states model for the thermal conductivity of refrigerants and refrigerant mixtures",

Int. J. of Refrigeration, 23, pp. 43-63, 2000


R236fa was used as the reference fluid.  The estimated transport properties should be applicable for the range in which the equation of state is valid.


Surface tension data are provided with a correlation from Chieko Kondou, et al., International Journal of Refrigeration, Vol. 53, (2015) pp. 80-89.


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