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R1225ye(Z) provides approximate thermodynamic property data for cis-1,2,3,3,3-Pentafluoroprop-1-ene, MW 132.03 g/gmole, CAS# 5528-43-8).  The thermodynamic properties are provided using the Martin-Hou equation of state (A.I.Ch.E. Journal, 1:142, 1955) as fitted by:


J. Steven Brown, Laura Fedele, Giovanni Di Nicola, Sergio Bobbo, and Gianluca Coccia

"Compressed Liquid Density and Vapor Phase PvT Measurements of cis-1,2,3,3,3-Pentafluoroprop-1-ene (R1225ye(Z))"

J. Chem. Eng. Data 2015, 60, 3333-3340


The ideal gas specific heat is taken from:

Laura Fedele, Giovanni Di Nicola, J. Steven Brown, Laura Colla, and Sergio Bobbo

"Saturated pressure measurements of cispentafluoroprop-1-ene (R1225ye(Z))"

Int. J. of Refrigeration, Vol. 69, (2016), pp. 243-250


The properties are provided for temperatures between 240 K and 450 K for pressures up to 10 MPa.


The IIR reference is used for specific enthalpy and entropy, i.e., h=200 kJ/kg and s=1 kJ/kg-K for saturated liquid at 273.15 K.


Transport properties are estimated for temperatures between 240 K and 380 K based using a corresponding states approach as suggested in:


Klein, S.A., McLinden, M.O., and Laesecke , A., "An improved extended corresponding states method for estimation of viscosity of pure refrigerants and mixtures",  Int. J. of Refrigeration, 20, pp. 208-217, 1997


McLinden et al., "An extended corresponding states model for the thermal conductivity of refrigerants and refrigerant mixtures",

Int. J. of Refrigeration, 23, pp. 43-63, 2000


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