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RE245cb2 provides thermodynamic and transport property information for refrigerant RE245cb2, also known as C3H3F5O, HFE245mc, methyl-pentafluoroethyl-ether, and pentafluoroethyl methyl ether with CAS#22410-44-2).  The thermodynamic properties are determined from the equation of state in: 


Yong Zhou, Eric W. Lemmon, Ahmad M. Mahmoud

"Equations of state for RE245cb2, RE347mcc, RE245fa2, and R1216",

draft provided on May 7, 2017 by Eric Lemmon


The correlation is valid for temperatures in the range between 250 K to 500 K for pressures less than 20 MPa.  


Enthalpy and entropy values are referenced to 200 kJ/kg and 1 kJ/kg-K, respectively, for saturated liquid at 0 C. 


Transport property information (except for gaseous viscosity) are from:


S. Matsuo, Y. Tanaka, T. Sotani 

"Experimental study on the transport properties of fluorinated ethers"

Fluid Phase Equilibria 194-197 (2002) 1205-1213


The viscosity of RE245cb2 in the gas phase is estimated using a corresponding states approach (with R365mfc as the reference fluid) as suggested in:


Klein, S.A., McLinden, M.O., and Laesecke , A., "An improved extended corresponding states method for estimation of viscosity of pure refrigerants and mixtures",  Int. J. of Refrigeration, 20, pp. 208-217, 1997





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