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R454B (also known as Opteon XL41) is a zeotropic mixture consisting of 68.9 weight% R32 and 31.1% R1234yf.  It is considered to be a replacement fluid for R410A It has a molar mass of 62.6 kg/kmol.  


Thermodynamic and transport property data for R45B are provided using a generalized equation of state fitted using thermodynamic property data provided by REFPROP.   The reference state for enthalpy and entropy is the IIR recommendation in which the specific enthalpy and entropy of saturated liquid are 200 kJ/kg and 1.0 kJ/kg-K, respectively.  The model is applicable for temperatures between 180 K and 500 K with pressures up to 50 MPa.


Transport properties are estimated based using a corresponding states approach as suggested in:


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