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Kr provides ideal gas thermodynamic properties for krypton valid over the temperature range from 200 K to 6000 K based on the property information in McBride et al. (2002). 


Bonnie J. McBride, Michael J. Zehe, and Sanford Gordon

"NASA Glenn Coefficients for Calculating Thermodynamic Properties of Individual Species"

NASA/TP-2002-211556, Sept. 2002


The reference state for specific enthalpy is 0 at 25 C.  The reference state for specific entropy is 146.323 kJ/kmol-K at 298.15 K and 101.3 kPa.


Thermal conductivity data are from:

"Reference Handbook of Thermal Conductivity of Liquids and Gases, Vargaftik et al., 1994, CRC Press

These data are provided in the range from 25 K to 5000 K.


Viscosity data are from:

"A Reference Correlation for the Viscosity of Krypton From Entropy Scaling"

Sofia Polychroniadou, Konstantinos D. Antoniadis, Marc J. Assael and Ian H. Bell

International Journal of Thermophysics (2022) 43:6 

These data are provided in the range from 70 K to 5000 K



Note that Ne provides thermodynamic properties assuming ideal gas behavior.  Use Krypton to provide real fluid properties in the subcooled, saturated mixture, and superheated regimes.  



Fluid Property Information