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n-HEPTANE provides high accuracy thermodynamic properties for normal heptane (Molar mass =100.2 g/mole) using the Fundamental Equation of State, as described by: 


Span, R. and Wagner, W.

"Equations of State for Technical Applications:  II Results for Non-Polar Fluids" 

Int. J. of Thermophysics, Vol. 24, No. 1, Jan. 2003


The specific heat of n-heptane in the ideal gas state is determined from

Jaeschke and Schley 

Ideal-Gas Thermodynamic Properties for Natural-Gas Applications 

International Journal of Thermophysics, Vol. 16, No. 6, 1995, pp. 1381-1392


Reference State 

    h = 0 kJ/kg, s = 0 kJ/kg-K at 298.15 K, 101.325 kPa.  The reference state can be changed using the $Reference directive.


Range of applicability for equation of state:

   216.37 K < T <  750 K

 0 < P <100 MPa


Thermal conductivity and viscosity correlations were fit to tabular data provided in:

"Properties of Inorganic and Organic Fluids"

Edited by C.Y. Ho

Authored by: P.E. Liley, T. Makita, and Y. Tanaka.

CINDAS Data Series of Material Properties, Vol V-1

Hemisphere Publishing Corporation


Range of applicability for transport function correlations:

Gas-phase viscosity:  250 K to 550K

Liquid-phase viscosity: 216 K to 500 K

Gas-phase thermal conductivity: 300 K to 650 K

Liquid-phase thermal conductivity: 200 K to 525 K


Surface tension data are provided through a correlation developed by:

G.R. Somayajulu

"A Generalized Equation for Surface Tension from the Triple Point to the Critical Point"

International Journal of Thermophysics, Vol. 9, No. 4, 1988



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