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Numerical Format (US and EU)


The format for numerical values in Europe and other locations differs from that in the U.S. in several respects.  Most noticeably, the decimal point in the US representation of a number is replaced by a comma.  EES can be configured to support this format by setting the Decimal Separator to a comma in the Regional Settings dialog of the Windows Control Panel.  EES can only use a decimal point (U.S. format) or a comma as the decimal separator.  EES must be restarted after a change to the Decimal Separator is made. 


Note that if the decimal separator is changed, the list separator and multiple equation characters are also changed as indicated in the following table.


 US     EU

Decimal separator . (decimal point) , (comma)

List separator , (comma) ; (semicolon)

Multiple equations on one line separator ; (semicolon) : (colon)


The decimal point key on the numeric keypad will generate a decimal point or comma as appropriate depending on the settings in the Windows Regional Settings Control Panel for the Decimal Separator.


EES saves the numerical format information with the file it saves and it will automatically convert from one format to another, if necessary, when the file is opened.



You can use the $Keyboard directive to override the settings in the Regional Settings dialog of the Windows Control Panel.