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R116 provides high accuracy thermodynamic properties for R116 (hexafluoroethane, C2F6, MW 138.01 g/gmole) using the Fundamental Equation of State as described by Reiner Tillner-Roth, "Fundamental Equations of State", Shaker, Verlag, Aachan, 1998.  The correlation is valid for temperatures in the range between 176 K and  425 K for pressures less than 50 MPa.  Enthalpy and entropy values are referenced to zero at 1 kPa, 273.15 K. 


The parameters for the fundamental equation of state and ancillary equations were based on unpublished data provided by A.D. Kozlov, 1996 (Moscow) and provided by Professor Steve Penoncello, College of Engineering, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, 83844-1011.


Gas phase transport data are correlated to data available from the NIST project, 

"Database of the Thermophysical Properties of Gases Used in the Semiconductor Industry", 

John Hurly and Keith Gillis, NIST, Mail Stop 8363, Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8363, at


The thermal conductivity for liquid R116 are provided for temperatures between 180 K and 280 K based on information from:

 Vargaftik, N.B., Filippov, L.P, Tarzimanov, A.A., and Totskii, E.E.,

Handbook of Thermal Conductivity of Liquids and Gases 

CRC Press, 1994, ISBN 0-8493-9345-0


Viscosity data for liquid phase are provided for temperatures between the freezing and critical temperatures based on the correlation from:

Yaws, Carl L., ed. Chemical Properties Handbook. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1999 :


Surface tension data are provided using the information in:

Mulero, A., Cachadina, I, and Parra, M.

"Recommended Correlations for the Surface Tension of Common Fluids"

J.Phys. Chem Ref. Data, Vol. 41, No.4, 2012


Fluid Property Information