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R125 provides thermodynamic properties for R125 using the fundamental equation of state published by:


I.M. Astina and H. 

"A Rational Fundamental Equation of State for Pentafluorethane with Theoretical and Experimental Bases",

International Journal of Thermophysics, Vol. 25, No. 1, January, 2004, pp. 113-131


The equation of state is valid for temperatures between 172.5 K and 500 K at pressures up to 70 MPa.


The values of specific enthalpy and entropy are, by default,  referred to 200 kJ/kg and 1.00 kJ/kg-K, respectively for the state of saturated liquid at 273.15 K.  The reference state can be changed using the $Reference directive.


Viscosity and thermal conductivity rely on the empirical relations presented by:

S.B. Kiselev, R.A. Perkins, and M.L. Huber, 

Int. J. of Refrigeration, Vol. 22, (1999), pp. 509-520


Surface tension data are from: 

Okada, M. and Higashi, Y., 

"Experimental Surface Tensions for HFC-32, CFC-124, HFC-125, HCFC-141b, CFC-142b, and HFC-152a",

Int. J. of Thermophysics, Vol. 16, No.3, (1995). 



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