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R13 provides thermodynamic and transport property information for refrigerant R13 (CF3Cl, trichlorofluoro methane, CAS #75-72-9).  The thermodynamic properties are determined from the equation of state in: 


Magee, J.W., Outcalt, S.L., and Ely, J.F.,

"Molar Heat Capacity C(v), Vapor Pressure, and (p, rho, T) Measurements from 92 to 350 K at Pressures to 35 MPa and a New Equation of State for  Chlorotrifluoromethane (R13),"

Int. J. Thermophys., 21(5):1097-1121, 2000.


Enthalpy and entropy values are referenced to 0 kJ/kg and 0 kJ/kg-K, respectively, for saturated liquid at -40.0 C. The reference state can be changed using the $Reference directive.



Viscosity and thermal conductivity have been estimated using a corresponding states approach with propane as the reference fluid as suggested in

Klein, S.A., McLinden, M.O., and Laesecke , A., "An improved extended corresponding states method for estimation of viscosity of pure refrigerants and mixtures'

Int. J. of Refrigeration, 20, pp. 208-217, 1997


McLinden et al., "An extended corresponding states model for the thermal conductivity of refrigerants and refrigerant mixtures",

Int. J. of Refrigeration, 23, pp. 43-63, 2000


The estimated transport properties should be applicable for the range in which the equation of state is valid.


Surface tension data are provided using the information in:

Mulero, A., Cachadina, I, and Parra, M.

"Recommended Correlations for the Surface Tension of Common Fluids"

J.Phys. Chem Ref. Data, Vol. 41, No.4, 2012



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