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PF strip-fin h



The procedure: 


CHX_h_PF_strip_fin(TypeHX$, m_dot, A_fr_tot, b_2, Fluid$, T, P:h) 


provides the heat transfer coefficient associated with a plain-fin, strip fin compact heat exchanger surface.  These data are from Kays and London (1994).



TypeHX$: string identifying the geometry 

 1/8-15.2:  'PF_strip-fin_18_152'

 1/8-13.95: 'PF_strip-fin_18_1395'

  1/8-15.61: 'PF_strip-fin_18_1561'

  1/8-19.86: 'PF_strip-fin_18_1986'

  1/9-22.68: 'PF_strip-fin_19-2268'

  1/9-25.01: 'PF_strip-fin_19-2501'

  1/9-24.12: 'PF_strip-fin_19_2412'

  1/10-27.03: 'PF_strip-fin_110_2703'

  1/10-19.35: 'PF_strip-fin_110_1935'

  1/10-19.74: 'PF_strip-fin_110_1974'

  3/32-12.22: 'PF_strip-fin_332_1222'

  1/2-11.94(D): 'PF_strip-fin_12_1194D'

  1/4-15.4(D): 'PF_strip-fin_14_154D'

  1/6-12.18(D): 'PF_strip-fin_16_11218D'

  1/7-15.75(D): 'PF_strip-fin_17_1575D'

  1/8-16.00(D): 'PF_strip-fin_18_1600D'

  1/8-16.12(D): 'PF_strip-fin_18_1612D'

  1/8-19.82(D): 'PF_strip-fin_18_1982D'

  1/8-20.06(D): 'PF_strip-fin_18_2006D'

  1/8-16.12(T): 'PF_strip-fin_18_1612T'


m_dot: mass flow rate (kg/s or lbm/hr)

A_fr_tot: total frontal area as viewed by the flow approaching the tube bank (m^2 or ft^2); note that this includes both the pin fin channels and the space occupied by the other channels

b_2: the width between adjacent pin fin channels occupied by the other channels (m or ft)

Fluid$: string indicating the fluid type

T: temperature of the fluid (K, C, R, or F)

P: absolute pressure of the fluid (Pa, kPa, bar. MPa, atm, or psi)



h:  heat transfer coefficient (W/m^2-K or Btu/hr-ft^2-R) averaged over entire fin surface (includes plates)



$UnitSystem SI Mass J K Pa

TypeHX$= 'PF_strip-fin_18_152'

m_dot=0.7 [kg/s]

A_fr_tot=0.5 [m^2]


T=300 [K]

T_i=300 [K]

T_o=300 [K]

P=101325 [Pa]

b_2=0.01 [m]

Call chx_h_pf_strip_fin(TypeHX$, m_dot, A_fr_tot, b_2, Fluid$, T, P:h) 


{Solution is:

h = 61.88 [W/m^2-K]}


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