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The $TABSTOPS directive sets tab stops for use in the Equations window.  Up to 25 tab stops may be set with this directive.  The format of this directive is


$TABSTOPS   TabStop1 TabStop2 ... TabStop25  Units


where  TabStop1 through 25 must be numerical values, separated by one or more spaces or list delimiters.  The tab stop values should be entered in increasing numerical order. 

 Units must be either in or cm.  If no units are specified, in is assumed if the Unit System is set to English units and cm is assumed for SI units. 




$TABSTOPS   0.5   2  3 in


will set the tabstops at 0.5, 2 and 3 inches. 


Tabstops can also be set in the Syntax tab of the Preferences dialog.  However, only 5 tab stops may be set in the Preferences dialog.  If a $TABSTOPS directive appears in the Equations window, the setting made with this directive will override the default settings appearing in the Preferences dialog.


In earlier versions, tab spacing was set with the $TABWIDTH directive.  This directive is still accepted but it is assumed to have the same format as the $TABSTOPS directive.