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ARGON provides thermodynamic properties using the fundamental equation of state developed by C. Tegeler, R. Span, and W. Wagner, "Eine neue Fundamental-gleichung für das fluide Zustandsgebiet von Argon für Temperaturen von der Schmelzlinie bis 700 K und Drücke bis 1000 MPa", Fortschritt-Berichte VDI, Reihe 3: Verfahrenstechnik Nr. 480, as documement by  Reiner Tillner-Roth, Fundamental Equations of State, Shaker Verlag, Aachen, 1998


This information is also available in:


 Ch. Tegeler, R. Span, W. Wagner

A New Equation of State for Argon Covering the Fluid Region for Temperatures From the Melting Line to 700 K at Pressures up to 1000 MPa

J.Phys. Chem Ref. Data, 28(3) pp. 779-850 (1999)


The reference state for specific enthalpy and entropy are set to zero is 298.15 K and 191.1325 kPa.  The reference state can be changed with the $REFEFERENCE directive.  To change the reference state to be zero for saturated liquid at the normal boiling point, enter the following directive into the Equations window.





The transport properties are implemented with the equations provided in:

E.W. Lemmon and R.T. Jacobsen

"Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity Equations for Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, and Air"

International Journal of Thermophysics, Vol. 25, No. 1, January 2004, pp. 21-69


Surface tension data are provided using the information in:

Mulero, A., Cachadina, I, and Parra, M.

"Recommended Correlations for the Surface Tension of Common Fluids"

J.Phys. Chem Ref. Data, Vol. 41, No.4, 2012


The sublimation pressure curve (valid for temperatures between 20 K and 83.806) is determined from:

N.Fray, B.Schmitt, 

"Sublimation of ices of astrophysical interest:A bibliographic review" 

Planetary and Space Science,57, (2009)  pp. 2053-2080


The melting pressure curve (valid for temperatures between 83.806 K and 344.7 K) is determined from:

Lide, D.R. and Kehiaian, H.V.,

CRC Handbook of Thermophysical and Thermochemical Data

CRC Press, 1994, ISBN 0-8493-0197-1, 5th printing



Fluid Property Information.