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Help for Library Files


Any internal or external library file can be linked to a help file that provides detailed information when the user selects the Function Info button in the Function Information dialog.


The file must have the same name as the library file and it must have an .HTM, .PDF, .TXT or .CHM filename extension.  The .HTM file must be an HTML file readable by a browser program.  The .PDF file must be a portable document format file readable by Adobe Acrobat.  The .CHM file is a compiled HTML file is the current file type of choice for help files in the Windows operating system.


A single library file can hold many functions.  For example, a library file written in EES can have any number of internal functions and procedures.  It is possible to design a Windows .CHM file such that EES will jump the appropriate topic when the user clicks the Func Info button.  This is done by providing a file containing help context information.  The help context file has the same name as the library file but with a .CTX filename extension.  EES will look for the .CTX file when help is requested.  If a .CTX file is found, EES will open the file to find the context number for the topic that has the name of the function for which help is requested.  The Help file will be then opened directly to that topic.  If the topic is not found or if the .CTX file is not provided, the Help file will open to the first topic.  Each line in the .CTX file contains two items:  the context number (as it is used in the Help program) and a string which contains the function name.  Shown below is the context file for the external files in the LiBr.DLL.


     1   LiBr Property Library

     2   H_LIBR

     3   T_LIBR

     4   P_LIBR

     5   V_LIBR

     6   X_LIBR

     7   Q_LIBR

     8   VISC_LIBR

     9   COND_LIBR