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InsertParametricColumn (Macro Command)


InsertParametricColumn 'TableName'   After  VarName

Inserts a column for the variable named VarName into the existing Parametric table that has name (showing on the tab in the window) TableName.  Note that only variables in the Main program can appear in a Parametric table.  If the variable does not already exist, it will be created.  TableName may be a string variable containing the name of the table or a string constant.  It is recommended to use single-quotes in the string constant to surround the name of the table, especially if it contains a space.  After is an EES variable or numerical constant that provides the position of the new column.   If After is 0, the new column will appear as the first column.  If After is equal to or greater than the number of columns in the table, the new column will appear as the last column in the table. 


See also: NewTable