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NASA Gases


The following gaseous substances are defined in the NASA Program data base.   Note that some substances appear to have two names separated by a comma, e.g., C2H2,acetylene.  It is necessary to supply the name to the NASA procedure exactly as it appears in this list, including both names and the comma.  When a space or comma appears in the name, it is necessary to enclose the name within single quotes, as shown in the following example.  The names are not case-sensitive.  


$Load NASA

h=enthalpy('C2H2,acetylene',T=300 [K])



All of the following gases can be used  with the EES property functions.


e-                Ag                Ag+               Ag-               AL                AL+               

AL-               ALBr              ALBr2             ALBr3             ALC               ALC2              

ALCL              ALCL+             ALCL2             ALCL3             ALF               ALF+              

ALFCL             ALFCL2            ALF2              ALF2-             ALF2CL            ALF3              

ALF4-             ALH               ALHCL             ALHCL2            ALHF              ALHFCL            

ALHF2             ALH2              ALH2CL            ALH2F             ALH3              ALI               

ALI2              ALI3              ALN               ALO               ALO+              ALO-              

ALOCL             ALOCL2            ALOF              ALOF2             ALOF2-            ALOH              

ALOHCL            ALOHCL2           ALOHF             ALOHF2            ALO2              ALO2-             

AL(OH)2           AL(OH)2CL         AL(OH)2F          AL(OH)3           ALS               ALS2              

AL2               AL2Br6            AL2C2             AL2CL6            AL2F6             AL2I6             

AL2O              AL2O+             AL2O2             AL2O2+            AL2O3             AL2S              

AL2S2             Ar                Ar+               B                 B+                B-                

BBr               BBr2              BBr3              BC                BC2               BCL               

BCL+              BCLOH             BCL(OH)2          BCL2              BCL2+             BCL2OH            

BCL3              BF                BFCL              BFCL2             BFOH              BF(OH)2           

BF2               BF2+              BF2-              BF2CL             BF2OH             BF3               

BF4-              BH                BHCL              BHCL2             BHF               BHFCL             

BHF2              BH2               BH2CL             BH2F              BH3               BH4               

BH5               BH3NH3            BI                BI2               BI3               BN                

BO                BO-               BOCL              BOCL2             BOF               BOF2              

BOH               BO2               BO2-              B(OH)2            BS                BS2               

B2                B2C               B2CL4             B2F4              B2H               B2H2              

B2H3              B2H3,db           B2H4              B2H4,db           B2H5              B2H5,db           

B2H6              B2O               B2O2              B2O3              B2(OH)4           B2S               

B2S2              B2S3              B3H7,C2v          B3H7,Cs           B3H9              B3N3H6            

B3O3CL3           B3O3FCL2          B3O3F2CL          B3O3F3            B4H4              B4H10             

B4H12             B5H9              Ba                Ba+               BaBr              BaBr2             

BaCL              BaCL+             BaCL2             BaF               BaF+              BaF2              

BaH               BaI               BaI2              BaO               BaO+              BaOH              

BaOH+             Ba(OH)2           BaS               Ba2               Be                Be+               

Be++              BeBr              BeBr2             BeCL              BeCL2             BeF               

BeF2              BeH               BeH+              BeH2              BeI               BeI2              

BeN               BeO               BeOH              BeOH+             Be(OH)2           BeS               

Be2               Be2CL4            Be2F4             Be2O              Be2OF2            Be2O2             

Be3O3             Be4O4             Br                Br+               Br-               BrCL              

BrF               BrF3              BrF5              BrO               OBrO              BrOO              

BrO3              Br2               BrBrO             BrOBr             C                 C+                

C-                CBr               CBr2              CBr3              CBr4              CCL               

CCLBr3            CCL2              CCL2Br2           CCL3              CCL3Br            CCL4              

CF                CF+               CFBr3             CFCL              CFCLBr2           CFCL2             

CFCL2Br           CFCL3             CF2               CF2+              CF2Br2            CF2CL             

CF2CLBr           CF2CL2            CF3               CF3+              CF3Br             CF3CL             

CF4               CH                CH+               CHBr3             CHCL              CHCLBr2           

CHCL2             CHCL2Br           CHCL3             CHF               CHFBr2            CHFCL             

CHFCLBr           CHFCL2            CHF2              CHF2Br            CHF2CL            CHF3              

CHI3              CH2               CH2Br2            CH2CL             CH2CLBr           CH2CL2            

CH2F              CH2FBr            CH2FCL            CH2F2             CH2I2             CH3               

CH3Br             CH3CL             CH3F              CH3I              CH2OH             CH2OH+            

CH3O              CH4               CH3OH             CH3OOH            CI                CI2               

CI3               CI4               CN                CN+               CN-               CNN               

CO                CO+               COCL              COCL2             COFCL             COF2              

COHCL             COHF              COS               CO2               CO2+              COOH              

CP                CS                CS2               C2                C2+               C2-               

C2CL              C2CL2             C2CL3             C2CL4             C2CL6             C2F               

C2FCL             C2FCL3            C2F2              C2F2CL2           C2F3              C2F3CL            

C2F4              C2F6              C2H               C2HCL             C2HCL3            C2HF              

C2HFCL2           C2HF2CL           C2HF3             C2H2,acetylene    C2H2,vinylidene   C2H2CL2           

C2H2FCL           C2H2F2            CH2CO,ketene      O(CH)2O           HO(CO)2OH         C2H3,vinyl        

CH2Br-COOH        C2H3CL            CH2CL-COOH        C2H3F             CH3CN             CH3CO,acetyl      

C2H4              C2H4O,ethylen-o   CH3CHO,ethanal    CH3COOH           OHCH2COOH         C2H5              

C2H5Br            C2H6              CH3N2CH3          C2H5OH            CH3OCH3           CH3O2CH3          

CCN               CNC               OCCN              C2N2              C2O               C2S2              

C3                C3H3,1-propynl    C3H3,2-propynl    C3H4,allene       C3H4,propyne      C3H4,cyclo-       

C3H5,allyl        C3H6,propylene    C3H6,cyclo-       C3H6O,propylox    C3H6O,acetone     C3H6O,propanal    

C3H7,n-propyl     C3H7,i-propyl     C3H8              C3H8O,1propanol   C3H8O,2propanol   CNCOCN            

C3OS              C3O2              C3S2              C4                C4H2,butadiyne    C4H4,1,3-cyclo-   

C4H6,butadiene    C4H6,1butyne      C4H6,2butyne      C4H6,cyclo-       C4H8,1-butene     C4H8,cis2-buten   

C4H8,tr2-butene   C4H8,isobutene    C4H8,cyclo-       (CH3COOH)2        C4H9,n-butyl      C4H9,i-butyl      

C4H9,s-butyl      C4H9,t-butyl      C4H10,n-butane    C4H10,isobutane   C4N2              C5                

C5H6,1,3cyclo-    C5H8,cyclo-       C5H10,1-pentene   C5H10,cyclo-      C5H11,pentyl      C5H11,t-pentyl    

C5H12,n-pentane   C5H12,i-pentane   CH3C(CH3)2CH3     C6D5,phenyl       C6D6              C6H2              

C6H5,phenyl       C6H5O,phenoxy     C6H6              C6H5OH,phenol     C6H10,cyclo-      C6H12,1-hexene    

C6H12,cyclo-      C6H13,n-hexyl     C6H14,n-hexane    C7H7,benzyl       C7H8              C7H8O,cresol-mx   

C7H14,1-heptene   C7H15,n-heptyl    C7H16,n-heptane   C7H16,2-methylh   C8H8,styrene      C8H10,ethylbenz   

C8H16,1-octene    C8H17,n-octyl     C8H18,n-octane    C8H18,isooctane   C9H19,n-nonyl     C10H8,naphthale   

C10H21,n-decyl    C12H9,o-bipheny   C12H10,biphenyl   Ca                Ca+               CaBr              

CaBr2             CaCL              CaCL+             CaCL2             CaF               CaF+              

CaF2              CaH               CaI               CaI2              CaO               CaO+              

CaOH              CaOH+             Ca(OH)2           CaS               Ca2               Cd                

Cd+               CL                CL+               CL-               CLCN              CLF               

CLF3              CLF5              CLO               CLO2              CL2               CL2O              

Co                Co+               Co-               Cr                Cr+               Cr-               

CrN               CrO               CrO2              CrO3              CrO3-             Cs                

Cs+               Cs-               CsBO2             CsBr              CsCL              CsF               

CsH               CsI               CsLi              CsNO2             CsNO3             CsNa              

CsO               CsOH              CsRb              Cs2               Cs2Br2            Cs2CO3            

Cs2CL2            Cs2F2             Cs2I2             Cs2O              Cs2O+             Cs2O2             

Cs2O2H2           Cs2SO4            Cu                Cu+               Cu-               CuCL              

CuF               CuF2              CuO               CuOH              Cu2               Cu3CL3            

D                 D+                D-                DBr               DCL               DF                

DOCL              DO2               DO2-              D2                D2+               D2-               

D2O               D2O2              D2S               F                 F+                F-                

FCN               FCO               FO                FO2,FOO           FO2,OFO           F2                

F2O               F2O2              FS2F              Fe                Fe+               Fe-               

Fe(CO)5           FeCL              FeCL2             FeCL3             FeO               Fe(OH)2           

Fe2CL4            Fe2CL6            Ga                Ga+               GaBr              GaBr2             

GaBr3             GaCL              GaCL2             GaCL3             GaF               GaF2              

GaF3              GaH               GaI               GaI2              GaI3              GaO               

GaOH              Ga2Br2            Ga2Br4            Ga2Br6            Ga2CL2            Ga2CL4            

Ga2CL6            Ga2F2             Ga2F4             Ga2F6             Ga2I2             Ga2I4             

Ga2I6             Ga2O              Ge                Ge+               Ge-               GeBr              

GeBr2             GeBr3             GeBr4             GeCL              GeCL2             GeCL3             

GeCL4             GeF               GeF2              GeF3              GeF4              GeH4              

GeI               GeO               GeO2              GeS               GeS2              Ge2               

H                 H+                H-                HALO              HALO2             HBO               

HBO+              HBO2              HBS               HBS+              HBr               HCN               

HCO               HCO+              HCCN              HCCO              HCL               HD                

HD+               HDO               HDO2              HF                HI                HNC               

HNCO              HNO               HNO2              HNO3              HOCL              HOF               

HO2               HO2-              HPO               HSO3F             H2                H2+               

H2-               HBOH              HCHO,formaldehy   HCOOH             H2F2              H2O               

H2O+              H2O2              H2S               H2SO4             H2BOH             HB(OH)2           

H3BO3             H3B3O3            H3B3O6            H3F3              H3O+              (HCOOH)2          

H4F4              H5F5              H6F6              H7F7              He                He+               

Hg                Hg+               HgBr2             I                 I+                I-                

IF5               IF7               I2                In                In+               InBr              

InBr2             InBr3             InCL              InCL2             InCL3             InF               

InF2              InF3              InH               InI               InI2              InI3              

InO               InOH              In2Br2            In2Br4            In2Br6            In2CL2            

In2CL4            In2CL6            In2F2             In2F4             In2F6             In2I2             

In2I4             In2I6             In2O              K                 K+                K-                

KALF4             KBO2              KBr               KCN               KCL               KF                

KH                KI                KLi               KNO2              KNO3              KNa               

KO                KOH               K2                K2+               K2Br2             K2CO3             

K2C2N2            K2CL2             K2F2              K2I2              K2O               K2O+              

K2O2              K2O2H2            K2SO4             Kr                Kr+               Li                

Li+               Li-               LiALF4            LiBO2             LiBr              LiCL              

LiF               LiH               LiI               LiN               LiNO2             LiNO3             

LiO               LiOF              LiOH              LiON              Li2               Li2+              

Li2Br2            Li2CL2            Li2F2             Li2I2             Li2O              Li2O+             

Li2O2             Li2O2H2           Li2SO4            Li3+              Li3Br3            Li3CL3            

Li3F3             Li3I3             Mg                Mg+               MgBr              MgBr2             

MgCL              MgCL+             MgCL2             MgF               MgF+              MgF2              

MgF2+             MgH               MgI               MgI2              MgN               MgO               

MgOH              MgOH+             Mg(OH)2           MgS               Mg2               Mg2F4             

Mn                Mn+               Mo                Mo+               Mo-               MoO               

MoO2              MoO3              MoO3-             Mo2O6             Mo3O9             Mo4O12            

Mo5O15            N                 N+                N-                NCO               ND                

ND2               ND3               NF                NF2               NF3               NH                

NH+               NHF               NHF2              NH2               NH2F              NH3               

NH2OH             NH4+              NO                NO+               NOCL              NOF               

NOF3              NO2               NO2-              NO2CL             NO2F              NO3               

NO3-              NO3F              N2                N2+               N2-               NCN               

N2D2,cis          N2F2              N2F4              N2H2              NH2NO2            N2H4              

N2O               N2O+              N2O3              N2O4              N2O5              N3                

N3H               Na                Na+               Na-               NaALF4            NaBO2             

NaBr              NaCN              NaCL              NaF               NaH               NaI               

NaLi              NaNO2             NaNO3             NaO               NaOH              NaOH+             

Na2               Na2Br2            Na2CL2            Na2F2             Na2I2             Na2O              

Na2O+             Na2O2             Na2O2H2           Na2SO4            Na3CL3            Na3F3             

Nb                Nb+               Nb-               NbCL5             NbO               NbOCL3            

NbO2              Ne                Ne+               Ni                Ni+               Ni-               

NiCL              NiCL2             NiO               NiS               O                 O+                

O-                OD                OD-               OH                OH+               OH-               

O2                O2+               O2-               O3                P                 P+                

P-                PCL               PCL2              PCL2-             PCL3              PCL5              

PF                PF+               PF-               PFCL              PFCL-             PFCL2             

PFCL4             PF2               PF2-              PF2CL             PF2CL3            PF3               

PF3CL2            PF4CL             PF5               PH                PH2               PH2-              

PH3               PN                PO                PO-               POCL3             POFCL2            

POF2CL            POF3              PO2               PO2-              PS                P2                

P2O3              P2O4              P2O5              P3                P3O6              P4                

P4O6              P4O7              P4O8              P4O9              P4O10             Pb                

Pb+               Pb-               PbBr              PbBr2             PbBr3             PbBr4             

PbCL              PbCL2             PbCL3             PbCL4             PbF               PbF2              

PbF3              PbF4              PbI               PbI2              PbI3              PbI4              

PbO               PbO2              PbS               PbS2              Rb                Rb+               

Rb-               RbBO2             RbBr              RbCL              RbF               RbH               

RbI               RbK               RbLi              RbNO2             RbNO3             RbNa              

RbO               RbOH              Rb2Br2            Rb2CL2            Rb2F2             Rb2I2             

Rb2O              Rb2O2             Rb2O2H2           Rb2SO4            Rn                Rn+               

S                 S+                S-                SCL               SCL2              SCL2+             

SD                SF                SF+               SF-               SF2               SF2+              

SF2-              SF3               SF3+              SF3-              SF4               SF4+              

SF4-              SF5               SF5+              SF5-              SF6               SF6-              

SH                SH-               SN                SO                SO-               SOF2              

SO2               SO2-              SO2CL2            SO2FCL            SO2F2             SO3               

S2                S2-               S2CL2             S2F2              S2O               S3                

S4                S5                S6                S7                S8                Sc                

Sc+               Sc-               ScO               ScO+              ScO2              Sc2O              

Sc2O2             Si                Si+               Si-               SiBr              SiBr2             

SiBr3             SiBr4             SiC               SiC2              SiCL              SiCL2             

SiCL3             SiCL4             SiF               SiFCL             SiF2              SiF3              

SiF4              SiH               SiH+              SiHBr3            SiHCL             SiHCL3            

SiHF              SiHF3             SiHI3             SiH2              SiH2Br2           SiH2CL2           

SiH2F2            SiH2I2            SiH3              SiH3Br            SiH3CL            SiH3F             

SiH3I             SiH4              SiI               SiI2              SiN               SiO               

SiO2              SiS               SiS2              Si2               Si2C              Si2F6             

Si2N              Si3               Sn                Sn+               Sn-               SnBr              

SnBr2             SnBr3             SnBr4             SnCL              SnCL2             SnCL3             

SnCL4             SnF               SnF2              SnF3              SnF4              SnI               

SnI2              SnI3              SnI4              SnO               SnO2              SnS               

SnS2              Sn2               Sr                Sr+               SrBr              SrBr2             

SrCL              SrCL+             SrCL2             SrF               SrF+              SrF2              

SrH               SrI               SrI2              SrO               SrO+              SrOH              

SrOH+             Sr(OH)2           SrS               Sr2               Ta                Ta+               

Ta-               TaCL5             TaO               TaO2              Ti                Ti+               

Ti-               TiCL              TiCL2             TiCL3             TiCL4             TiO               

TiO+              TiOCL             TiOCL2            TiO2              U                 UF                

UF+               UF-               UF2               UF2+              UF2-              UF3               

UF3+              UF3-              UF4               UF4+              UF4-              UF5               

UF5+              UF5-              UF6               UF6-              UO                UO+               

UOF               UOF2              UOF3              UOF4              UO2               UO2+              

UO2-              UO2F              UO2F2             UO3               UO3-              V                 

V+                V-                VCL4              VN                VO                VO2               

V4O10             W                 W+                W-                WCL6              WO                

WOCL4             WO2               WO2CL2            WO3               WO3-              (WO3)2            

(WO3)3            (WO3)4            (WO3)5            Xe                Xe+               Zn                

Zn+               Zr                Zr+               Zr-               ZrN               ZrO               

ZrO+              ZrO2