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R456A is an zeotropic mixture consisting of 6% R32, 45% R134A and 49% R1234ze(Z).  It is considered to be a replacement fluid for R134a.  It has a molar mass of 101.42 kg/kmol.


Property data for R456A are provided using a generalized equation of state fitted by F-Chart Software using thermodynamic property data generated by REFPROP.  The model is applicable for temperatures between 170 K and 430 K with pressures up to 50 MPa.  The reference state is saturated liquid at 0 C for which specific enthalpy and entropy are 200 kJ/kg and 1.0 kJ/kg-K, respectively.


Transport Data

The viscosity and thermal conductivity were estimated using the corresponding states approach described the following references with propane as the reference fluid.


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The correlation are valid over the same range of temperature as the equation of state.


Surface tension data were fit to data obtained from the REFPROP. 


Fluid Property Information