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Min/Max Table


Min/Max Table provides the same capability as the Min/Max command, except that the calculations will be repeated for each row in the selected Parametric Table.  When there is more than one Parametric table, the selected Parametric table is the one that is foremost in the Parametric Table Window when the Min/Max Table command is issued.  The name of the Parametric Table for which the optimization will be done is shown in a text box at the lower right of the dialog. 


A dialog window, very similar to that shown for the Min/Max command, will appear in which the variable to be maximized or minimized and the independent variable(s) can be selected.  In this case, however, the variable that is to be optimized and all of the independent variables (whose values will be varied in seeking the optimum) must appear in the Parametric Table.  The start and stop runs in the Parametric Table for which the calculations will be done may be specified.  Values in the Parametric Table that have been entered by the user are shown in a font and color specified in the General Display tab of the Preferences dialog.  Each of these variables are treated just as if they were set to that value with an equation in the Equations window. The variable that is optimized and the independent variable(s) must be the same for each run in the table.  If no errors are encountered, the optimum is computed and the values of the variables in the remaining columns in the table are calculated and entered for each run.