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Windows                                                    Menu Commands

Equations                                                     File Menu

Arrays                                                          Edit Menu

Solution                                                       Search Menu

Residuals                                                     Options Menu

Parametric Tables                                         Calculate Menu

Plot Windows                                               Tables Menu

Lookup Tables                                              Plot Menu

Integral Tables                                              Windows Menu

Diagram Windows                                         Help Menu

Formatted Equations                                    Textbook Menu

Report Window

Debug Window    

Calculator Window

Computational Flow

Macro Window


Functions and Procedures                           Input / Output

Fluid Property Information                                 String Variables

Mathematical Functions                                Complex Numbers

String Functions                                           US and European Numerical Format

Thermophysical Functions                             Exporting results to a disk file

Internal Functions                                         Lookup File Formats

Internal Procedures                                       Array Range Notation

Library files                                                  Constants

External Functions                                       Plots

External Procedures                                     LaTeX/PDF Report generator

IF - THEN - ELSE                                         Greek and special symbols

REPEAT - UNTIL                                          Units 

CASE Statements EES File Types and File Name Extensions


Unit Conversions  

Modules and Subprograms

Multiple External Routines

Python Procedures  


Special Topics                                            Professional Version

Directives                                                      Differences from Commercial Version

Entering Units                                               Hot areas and Child Diagram Windows

Differential / Integral Equations                       Macro Files

Configuration Options                                      Macro Commands

Curve Fitting                                                  Dynamic Data Exchange

2-D Interpolation                                            Distributable Programs

Duplicate (Use with Arrays)                            Internet-enabled Distributable Programs (EESws)

Debugging Help                                             Library Manager

EES File Types                                             Formatted text in Diagram Windows

3-D plots Animation

Heat Transfer Library Starting Options

Keyboard Shortcuts Calling EES from Other Programs

Using REFPROP .FLD files

Mastering EES  ebook 64-bit version


External Libraries

Heat Transfer Library

Minor Losses and Flow Measurement

Mechanical Design Library

Component Library 


Peng Robinson EOS Library

Redlich-Kwong-Soave EOS library

Diffusion Coefficients

LiCl-Water and LiBr-Water properties

Sea Water properties

NASA Thermodynamic Property Data

EES_REFPROP interface

Blackbody Radiation Functions

Emittance_CO2&H2O Gas Emittance Function

VoltTC Thermal Couple Curve Fits

Kelvin Functions

Debye Functions

Phi_TS Thermal Stress function