Mastering EES

S.A. Klein and G.F. Nellis

Chapter Titles

  1. Introduction To EES
  2. Curve Fitting & Interpolation
  3. Functions And Procedures
  4. Property Data
  5. Convergence And Debugging
  6. Optimization
  7. Integration
  8. Uncertainty Propagation
  9. Advanced Plotting
  10. Subprograms And Modules
  11. Internal Library Files
  12. The Heat Transfer Library
  13. Complex Algebra
  14. Directives
  15. The Diagram Window
  16. Diagram Window Animation
  17. Distributable Programs
  18. Macros
  19. External Functions And Procedures
  20. Report Window
  21. The Component Library

EES (versions 9.373 and newer) will download the newest version and open the ebook when the Mastering EES menu item (Help menu) is selected provided that the Mastering EES pdf is installed in the EES directory.

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