Comparison of EES Licenses

Student, Commercial and Professional EES licenses share many basic features. This table summarizes some of the differences between these EES licenses.

Feature Student Commercial Professional
Single-user cost$160$600$1200
Duration of license1 year5 years. Can be extended with IUTS5 years. Can be extended with IUTS
Multiple-user license availablenoyesyes
Number of equations3000600012000
Provides tabs in Equations windownonoyes
No. of multi-variable optimization methods025
Max. number of optimization variables02080
Max. number of dependent/independent uncertainty variables0/012/3050/200
Internet connectionrequirednot requirednot required
Full-featured graphic user interfacenonoyes
Animation capabilitynonoyes
Macro capabilitynonoyes
Can create Distributable programsnonoyes
Provides Component Librarynonoyes
Can be upgraded to 64-bit versionnonoyes

The Professional version provides additional capabilities.