Academic Site Licenses

Academic versions are available only to educational institutions involved in formal classroom instruction. Educational institutions can purchase an Academic Commercial site license directly from F-Chart Software for a fee of $2,500. A 32-bit Academic Professional version for a single department is available for a fee of $4,750. These prices include one year of Academic Update Service. The Professional version solves larger problems, provides capability to make stand-alone programs, offers genetic optimization, animation capabilities, and other capabilities. The 32-bit Academic Professional license can be upgraded to a 64-bit Academic Professional license by purchase of the 64-bit license file. See the 64-bit license page for details.

A single academic license can be used only by one department at an educational institution in one physical location. Access to students and faculty outside of the adopting department must be restricted. If two departments within a college or equivalent both obtain a supported license of the same type, then F-Chart Software will provide a license for the whole college of engineering or equivalent. An Academic license is for instructional use only. A separate non-academic license is required if the product is used for sponsored research or other activities that are not part of a student's graduation requirement. Thesis research that is directly related to an advanced degree is considered an academic activity and is allowed under the license agreement.

Academic licenses require an internet connection having an IP address that maps to the University. The program may be installed on computers owned by the department and on personal computers owned by students and faculty in the department. The EES installation file, EES application and license files must not be accessible to persons who are not affiliated with the adopting department(s).

The public IP address range for the adopting department will need to be submitted with an Academic license order. Off-campus access to EES can be provided by the department through their use of a program that provides internet delivery such as AppsAnywhere or XENAPP, Other alternatives are Remote Login to a server computer, provided that there is a login procedure for authorized users, or use of full-tunnel VPN such that the resulting IP address maps to the university.

See the End-User License Agreement for further details.

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