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Greek and Special Symbols


If the Show Subscripts and Greek Symbols option in the Preferences dialog is selected, then EES variables having Greek alphabet names will be displayed as Greek symbols.  If the variable name consists entirely of capital letters and if the upper case Greek symbol differs from the Arabic letter, then the upper case Greek symbol will be displayed;  otherwise the lower case Greek symbol will be displayed. The table below indicates the conversion.




Special Symbols 

(to enter these symbols, hold the Alt key down and enter the three digits on the numeric keypad with NumLock engaged)

 μ Alt-230  (this symbol can be used to enter micrometers, i.e., μm)

 ± Alt-241

 ÷ Alt-246

 ° Alt-248

 · Alt-250 (this character can be used in place of the hyphen (minus sign) as a separator being units, e.g., W/m^2·K)


Note the units containing symbols such as μ or ° can also be copied from the Unit Conversion dialog.



Formatting Additions to Enhance Variable Display

X_1 will display as X with a subscript 1

X_infinity  will display as X with subscript ∞

X_bar will display with a bar centered above the X

X_dot    will display with a dot centered above the X

X_ddot   will display with a double-dot centered above the X

X_hat     will display with a hat (^) centered above the X 

X_tilde    will display with a tilde (~) center above the X


X|minus  will display as X superscript -

X|o will display as X superscript o

X|plus will display as X superscript+

X|star will display as X*


X_prime will display as X'

X_dprime  will display as X''

X_tprime  will display as X'''

gamma|infinity_0  wlll display a lower case Greek gamma character  with superscript ∞ and subscript 0