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The Preferences window has tabs that provide separate dialogs for:


Unit System

Stop Criteria

Integration Parameters

Program Options

General Display Tab

Syntax Highliting

Printer Display 

Plot Options

Auto Load Libraries

Complex numbers

Default Directories



Click the Reset button to restore the program settings to their original settings.


Pressing the OK button will set the Preferences for this session only. The Store button will cause the Preferences to be saved in an EES Preferences (*.prf) file.  Note that all of the information in the Preferences dialog including the unit system, stop criteria and integration parameters are stored in the .prf file.  


If the EES.prf file exists in the working directory, it will be automatically loaded when EES is started, effectively setting all of the program defaults.  Alternatively, an existing .prf file can be loaded from any directory with the Load button in the Preferences dialog or with a $INCLUDE directive.