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AddPlotText (Macro Command)


AddPlotText NAME='PlotTabName'  X=Xpos Y=Ypos TEXT='PlotText'  SIZE=16 STYLE=Plain COLOR=Red LEGEND=1 ORIENTATION=0 OPAQUE=Yes


Create a text item on an X-Y or X-Y-Z plot window.  The keywords to the left of the = signs can be provided in any order. All keywords except NAME and TEXT are optional.



The text following the = sign an be a string constant (surrounded with single quotes) or a string variable that has been previously defined. The text must be the name that appears on one of the plot tabs.  Alternatively, a numerical value can be provided to indicate the plot by its plot tab number.  The first plot is number 1.


X=, Y=

The values that follow these keywords determine the starting point of the text.  The values may be provided with numerical constants or predefined EES variables.  Values of  0, 0 correspond to the lower left corner of the plot rectangle.  Values of 1, 1 correspond to the upper right corner of the plot rectangle.  Note that the PlotCoord function can be used to return the relative position (0 to 1) of a specified value on the X or Y axis.



The string constant or string variable following this keyword is the text that will appear on the plot.



The font size of the text follows this keyword.  It can be supplied as a numerical constant or as an EES variable.  The default value is 16



The font style must be PLAIN, BOLD, or ITALIC  The default is PLAIN



The color name can be supplied as a string constant or string variable.  The colors names are identified in the NewPlot macro.  The default is black



The number following this optional keyword refers to the order of the plot in the plot window.  The first plot is 1.  If this keyword is provided, the plot text is associated with a symbol that identifies the plot line.  



The number or value of an EES variable that follows this keyword is the angle (in degrees) of the text.  The default is 0 (for horizontal).  Vertical text has a value of 90.



A YES or NO follows this optional keyword to indicate whether or not text should be positioned within a rectangle with a white opaque background.



An example using the AddPlotText macro is provided in the help for AddPlotLine


See also: OverlayPlot


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