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The $Syntax directive provides an alternative to using the Syntax Highlighting page of the Preferences dialog to set the case and style for function names and keywords.  It also provides a convenient method to set the syntax highlighting preferences for each individual file.  The format of the $Syntax directive is


$Syntax  OFF/ON  Keywords(KeyWcase, Style)  FuncNames(FuncCase, Style)  VarNames(VarCase)




   KeyWCase and FuncCase must be one of following:   (ASTYPED, LOWERCASE, UPPERCASE, 1STLETTERUC)

   VarCase must be one of the following (ASTYPED or ASFIRSTENTERED)


and Style can be one of the following:    (PLAIN, ITALIC, BOLD, UNDERLINE, BOLDITALIC)


ASFIRSTENTERED only applies to VarCase and will change the case of all variable name to be the same as the case use when they are first typed.




$Syntax Keywords(lowercase, bold) FuncNames(1stLetterUC, bolditalic)  VarNames(AsFirstEntered)



$Syntax Off



$Syntax FuncNames(asTyped, bold)


Setting Syntax Off disables hidden hyperlinks.


Note that the time required to compile the equations is necessarily longer when Syntax Highlighting is on.  If compiling speed is an issue, turn Syntax Highlighting off.