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The $Font directive allows the font name and/or the font size to be specified and used in the Equations and Solution Windows as well as the tables.  This feature is only available in the Professional license.


The format is $Font FontName  Fontsize


Font Name is the name of the font (case insensitive).  The font must be installed in your system file.  FontName is optional is a font size is provided. If the name provide is Default, the font and font size will be returned to the default value


FontSize is optional.  If it is provided, it must be an integer between 5 and 40. 


Note that the $Font directive will override the font settings made in the Preferences dialog.


Examples  :  


$Font Candara 16  {change the font to Candara with size 16}


$Font 14  {change the size of the existing font to 14}


$Font Default {return the font and font size to default values}