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TPSX Material Property Database


The TPSX Material Property Database provides thermophysical property data for many materials.  The data have been extracted the unrestricted and non-proprietary data provided by the NASA Ames Research Center. The TPSX data are available in the Professional license.



It is necessary to load the TPSX library before any of the information can be viewed or used.  To load the library, enter the following directive in the EES Equations window and select the Check/Format or Solve menu commands in the Calculate menu. 


$Load TPSX


If you click on the TPSX button in the Function Information before the TPSX library is loaded, EES will offer to load the library.  After it is loaded, the properties and materials in the library will be displayed.



The TPSX library is similar to the Incompressible Substances library.  In both cases, the materials for which data are available are liquids or solids and they are assumed to be incompressible.  The TPSX library adds many more substances to those provided with the Incompressible Substances library.  The data provided (for most substances) are the thermal conductivity, density, specific heat, specific internal energy, and specific entropy as a function of temperature.  Emissivity data are provided for some substances.


There are many materials in the library.  Click on the drop-down control in the center of the dialog to access the subgroups.



Clicking the Substance Info button will provide a table showing a list of the properties and the range of temperatures for which data are available for the selected material. 



The Plot button provides the option to plot the data for the selected property.  Shown below is a plot of the density of HDPhnlc_Nylon_Wlsn_char_NJPM versus temperature. Note that, in some case, the plot will jagged.  It has not been smoothed and it shows the actual data in the database.  Use the Modify Plot command if you wish to smooth the plot or show the actual datapoint.





See also: Incompressible Substances library.

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