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$Warnings ON/OFF


Warnings can occur during calculations for a variety of reasons.  For example, a warning may be generated by a property correlation if is used beyond its range of applicability.  A warning may be generated if the equations that have been solved appear to be singular.  A user-generated warning message can be displayed with the WARNING procedure.   


Warning messages will not be generated unless they are enabled.  A default setting for enabling warning messages is provided as an option in the Preferences dialog.  However, this default setting is overridden by the $Warnings ON/OFF directives, which can be placed anywhere in the Equations window.  $Warnings ON indicates that if a warning message is issued, it will be appear in the Warnings Information dialog.  $Warnings OFF will cancel the display of any warning messages that occur in following calculations.  It is possible to specifically select which equations can or can not  issue warning messages by surrounding the equations with $Warning ON/OFF directives.


If warnings messages have been issued, EES will normally display the Warning Information dialog directly after calculations are completed.  However, automatic display of this dialog can be controlled by the Warnings setting in the status bar of the Equations window.  If the Warning setting in the status bar is set to off, the Warning Information dialog will not be automatically displayed.  However, it is still can be viewed by selecting Warnings from the Windows menu. 


In some situations, it is necessary to ensure that the warnings are set as you expect, particularly for Distributable programs.  In this case, it is convenient to use the $Warning On/OFF directive, which overrides the setting in the Preferences dialog.