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Warnings (WINDOWS Menu)


The Warnings menu item in the Windows menu will bring up a window showing the warning messages that were issued during the preceding calculation.  If no warning messages exist, the menu item will be disabled. 


Warnings are used for many purposes to alert the user to possible problems associated with the solution. They are commonly used to indicate that property data has been provided outside the applicable range of data.  A warning message will be issued when necessary provided that either the Display Warning Messages setting in the Options Tab of the Preferences dialog is selected or a $Warnings ON directive is included in the Equations window preceding the equation.  Note the warnings can be canceled for a particular equation by placing a $Warnings ON directive before the equation and a $Warnings OFF directive after the equation.  The $Warning ON/OFF directives override the setting made in the Preferences dialog.


The status bar at the at the bottom of the Equations window provides a control to turn the display of warnings on or off.  Click on the word Warning to toggle the setting.  If the control setting is off, the warning dialog will not be automatically displayed after a calculation is completed.  However, the warnings that were generated during the calculations can still be viewed by selecting Warnings from the Windows menu.


Alternatively, use the $ShowWindow Warnings and $HideWindow Warnings directives to control the display of the Warnings dialog.