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Check Units


The Check Units command will check the  dimensional and unit conversion consistency of all equations in the Equations window.  The unit checking includes equations in internal functions, procedures, Modules and Subprograms.  The results are reported in the Debug window.   It is necessary to enter the units of each variable and constant in order for the checking process to function.  See Entering Units for details.


The Check Units command will display the equation and an explanatory message for each equation that is found to have dimensional inconsistency or unit inconsistency errors.  If you click the left mouse button on an equation, the focus will jump to that equation in the Equations window.  If you click the right mouse button on an equation, an abbreviated form of the Variable Information dialog window will appear showing just the variables that appear in that equation.


If the "Check Units Automatically" checkbox in the Options tab of the Preferences dialog is selected or a $CHECKUNITS ON directive appears in the Equations window, units of all equations will be automatically checked when the equations are solved.  A summary of the unit checking process will appear in the Solution window


Check units can also be executed by pressing F8 or clicking the Check Units button in the button bar under the menus. 


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