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Print (Macro Command)


Print Win1,Win2, Win3

The macro Print command will print specified EES windows and text contained with string variables to the default printer.  Win1, Win2, etc. are keywords that appear on the same line as the Print command separated by a space.  The allowable keywords are:


DIAG  Diagram Window

EQU  Equations Window

FOR Formatted Equations WIndow

SOL Solution WIndow

RES Residuals Window

PARn Parametric Table   n is an integer indicating the tab position

LOOKn Lookup Table .  n is an integer indicating the tab position

ARRn Arrays Table     n is an integer indicating the tab position

PLOTn Plot Window      n is an integer indicating the tab position


In addition to the keywords, string variables, e.g. T$ can be included. A page break and font information may be provided in the string variable.  


If the string variable starts with keyword \\BREAK, it will force a page break and print what follows that keyword.


If the string variable is empty, i.e.,'', it will force a line space


If the string variable includes the keyword  \\FONT after the text that is to be printed, EES will look for the following font characteristics keywords after the \\FONT keyword and format the text accordingly.




n    (where n is an integer indicating the font size)  





Print Diag Equ For Arr1 Par2 Look3 Plot1

{Print the Diagram, Equations, Formatted Equations, Arrays, Parametric table (2nd tab), Lookup table (3rd tab) and the first Plot window to the default printer}.


The Print macro command may be contained within a $RunMacroAfter clause.




T1$='The equations window follows this line.  \\Font Underline'

T2$='\\Break   This is the solution  \\FONT  RED 14 Bold Underline'

PrintSetup  PRINTER='Adobe PDF'  Orientation=PORTRAIT  Copies=1

Print  L$ T1$ L$ Equ T2$ SOL





See also: LatexPDF