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Integral Table


An Integral Table is automatically generated during calculations when one or more equation-based Integral functions are in use and the $IntegralTable directive is supplied in a Subprogram or the main EES program.  The Integral Table holds intermediate values of specified variables that occur during the numerical integration process.  The values in this table can be plotted using the New Plot Window and Overlay Plot commands.  The values can also be printed or copied in the same manner as for data in the Parametric table.


A separated tabbed table is generated for each Subprogram and the main program that contains a $IntegralTable directive.  


Use the IntegralValue function to retrieve defined values from the Integral table for the main EES program.


All Integral tables are saved with EES problem information starting in version 9.125.  Earlier versions of EES cannot read an EES file written with one or more Integral tables that was created with version 9.125 or later.


See the $IntegralTable directive for more information.