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The Tables menu contains four sets of commands.  The first set of commands provides capability to set up and alter the data of a Parametric Table.  The Parametric table operates in a manner similar to a spreadsheet.  The power of the Parametric table is that it allows the equations in the Equations window to be solved repeatedly while varying the values of one or more of the variables.  The second set of commands provides capability to create, manipulate, and save a Lookup Table.  A Lookup Table can be used to provide tabular data from which EES will interpolate using the Lookup, LookupCol, and LookupRow functions.  The third and fourth sets provide a Save Table command and multiple linear regression for the data in the Parametric, Lookup, Arrays or Integral Table tables.     


New Parametric Table

Alter Values

Retrieve Parametric Table

Store Parametric Table

Insert/Delete Runs

Insert/Delete Vars

Delete Parametric Tables


New Lookup Table

Open Lookup Table

Insert/Delete Lookup Rows

Insert/Delete Lookup Cols

Delete Lookup Tables


Save Table


Linear Regression

Curve Fit Table