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The Diagram Window Toolbar


The toolbar is visible in the Diagram window or Child Diagram window when the window is in Development mode. The available tools are shown below.  The buttons shown within the dotted rectangle are only available in the Professional license.  A status bar will be visible at the bottom of the Diagram window whenever the toolbar is visible.  The status bar shows the cursor position, the identity of the Diagram window (Main or child number) and information about the item that the cursor is positioned on.





Click on topic in the list below for more information.


Add text Add Calculate button

Add lines or arrows Add Display Plot button

Add box Add Print Button

Add ellipse or circle Add Help Button

Add polyline  Add filled polygon

Access Palette Create new Child Diagram window

Group selected items Ungroup items

Align selected items Show grid lines

Add Link Button Add audio-visual item

Add Load Diagram Inputs button Add Save Diagram Inputs button

Add Check Box item Add Radio Button group

Add picture from file Add table for text or outputs

Save Diagram to file Read Diagram from file