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Plot Menu


The Plot menu contains commands to prepare a new plot of the data in the Parametric, Lookup, Arrays or Integral tables, or to modify the appearance of an existing plot.  The plots may be X-Y, bar, X-Y-Z or polar plots.  Also available are commands to generate property plots and curve fits to plotted data.


New Plot Window

Overlay Plot

Modify Plot

Modify Plot3D

Modify Axes

Show/Hide Toolbar

Delete Plot Windows

Property Plot

Curve Fit

Plot Thumbnails (Professional license)

Retrieve Plot

Store Plot


All plots appear in a tabbed Plot Window.  Right-clicking on a tab will bring up a dialog in which you can rename, delete, or duplicate the plot or save it to a file.  The tab position can also be changed in this manner.  


Each plot window provides a tool bar  to add text and objects such as lines and rectangles to the plot.


The Professional license allows the characteristics to be saved in a .EPT (EES plot template) file so that the characteristics of one plot can be transferred to other plots. The Professional license also provides capability to time sequence the display of plotted data.  These capabilities are accessed by clicking the right mouse button on the tab at the top of the plot window.