Case Studies

The videos here provide a few case studies for using EES to solve engineering problems in different disciplines.

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Using EES to make Canvas Quizzes shows how to use EES to build a data table that can be used within Canvas to make a self-graded quiz where the inputs to the questions and the associated answers change each time it is accessed. This kind of teaching tool is valuable for large enrollment classes where you want your students to gain proficiency that only comes with solving many problems. here.

The Partial Cooling sCO2 Cycle provides a good example of using EES to solve a relatively complex cycle that requires iteration. It goes through entering the inputs using Equations Window Tabs, setting states with the RealThermoProps procedure, and using models found in the Component Library. The best-practice strategy for solving cycle problems that require iteration is presented. units, parametric studies and plots. The EES file developed in this video can be downloaded here.

Designing Experiments shows how the uncertainty propagation feature in EES can be used to estimate the uncertainty in a measured quantity for an experiment that is being designed. This is a two part process in which the experimental conditions are analyzed in order to generate expected data and then the uncertainty is assigned to these expected data in order to estimate uncertainty. The EES file developed in this video can be downloaded here.